Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today I pissed off a 6' 9" professional bodyguard

Who when not bodyguarding people like Nick Cage and Bollywood A-lister Govinda is also one half of Golden Dreams productions. Golden Dreams were are the company that offered me my second Bollywood feature Main Phir Aaoongi. I met Danny FBI (which stands for Fucking Big Indian, his own name for himself) when he was protecting Govinda, our prima donna star of the first Bollywood feature I did.

I did a weeks scouting for them in October, but when the Home Office refused visas for half the cast and crew the project was scrapped.

But I still did a weeks work, and used 2 tanks of petrol driving around. At no point did anyone say that I might not get paid.

He and his brother are, of course saying as they havent been paid, then so I cannot be. Thats ok if I'm on a profit sharing basis, where you defer your fee for royalties after, but that was not me. I was employed by Golden Dreams to do a job, and I started doing it. So in my mind, I should be paid.

After I contacted them again today with a final request for payment before court proceedings, I got a phonecall saying....well I think you can imagine!!! "F@*$~#ng F@*$~#ng F@*$~#ng F@*$~#ng "

Oh joy! But I have an email contract, and can prove (as best I can) that I was gainfully employed on their behalf during the time in question. We shall see.

Looks like I will be seeing the inside of the Small Claims Court soon lol, Wish me luck!

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Alexander said...

"They can't HANDLE the truth!!!" :D