Friday, February 13, 2009

There's something in the water

Two of my friends are pregnant. Kasia, my Polish pen friend who is responsible for me ever setting up a blog, and my good buddy Lois. Congratulations to the both of them.

I'm sure that both of them will have safe and un-complicated pregnancies, unlike the lady from Los Angeles who had octuplets! As far as I can tell, neither of my friends are carry 8 babies. Which is just as well considering this is what happens when you do! lol ;)

Cheers and good health, ladies! I will do all the drinking for you from now on!


Mitmac said...

Cool! Send my congrats to Lois and Simon when you see them next...guess that means we're going to see a sober non-smoking!?

Smile like you mean it...

dragonfly said...

Oh, I deleted somehow my prevoius comment. Anyway, yuk! I wish I hadn't seen these pics. Her belly is simply disgusting, sorry to say that. Now i will have nighmares.....;)

Martin said...

sorry, Kasia! lol. You're only caring one little one, so you will have a teeny weeny bump lol