Wednesday, February 04, 2009


You may have heard that Batman actor Christian Bale has recently been slammed after a recording of him completely losing with his DP (Director of Photography) after the man was caught fiddling with lights during Bales most emotional scene in the new Terminator movie.

He absolutely tears the guy a new one, while the director of the film McG (yes, thats his name!) just meekly says he didn't see anything. I am in 2 minds about this. Film sets are very highly emotional places, and the niceties of life are not always followed. But Bale did not show a good side by shouting this guy out in front of the whole crew. Still its a storm in a teacup, or should have been until someone leaked the whole thing onto the internet, and as such it has become news everywhere.

And when you're famous and get into trouble, there is always someone out there ready to make it even worse! I give you the dance remix of Bale shouting out the DP. Sheer genius!!!!!!

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