Monday, February 23, 2009


My next job has arrived. I am Location Manager for a low budget horror feature film called Expose.

This has come about from The Rapture, more specifically from one of the producers, the brilliant and funny Jonathon Sothcott. Me and JS got on well during Rapture, and I am very pleased he thought of me when this one came up. JS is partners with Martin Kemp, who also was in The Rapture, in a film production company and this is one of their projects. Martin will also be directing it, so I have been emailing him with questions and things already.

Its a great little script - a nice mix of psychological horror, and well, real horror! lol It is mainly set in an isolated cottage that features so much that it might as well be one of the characters. And that's my job! lol Got to find me a very specific and creepy looking place.

So I will be back down south in a weeks time for a couple of weeks. Cant wait! Wish me luck!


dragonfly said...

Good luck!!! :)

Alexander said...

If all goes to pot, you could always move onto selling sofas with Martin, in that never ending closing down sale! :)