Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wedding in Paradise

One of my very best friends, Mr Dave Pitts (and his alter ego Dave-Just-Add-Alcohol) has proposed to his lovely girlfriend Art in Thailand. They are currently backpacking around Malaysia and Thailand, and are going to stay out there in Arts home country and tie the knot on the 10th May 2009.

I have been invited out there, but fear that I wont be able to afford it and/or will be working. Which is such a shame because I would hate to miss one of my best friends wedding.

But such is life. When you get to a certain age its all weddings and babies, although I don't think there will be much of that for me for a while lol

So absolutely fantastic congratulations to Dave and Art. A lovely couple and great friends. Raise your glasses and say Mazel Tov!!


Alexander said...

Where art thou? Thou art lovely! We could go on and on,with this art theme. Congratulations to Dave. I've only just returned from Malaysia myself :D

Martin said...

You know her real name starts with a K and is about 15 syllabels long lol ;)