Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I got my car stuck in a muddy field and had to be towed out by a farmer in his tractor

Its my own bloody fault! I wanted to get to the other side of a big field in deepest, darkest Cumbria to find the perfect angle to photograph a viaduct, but didn't fancy the walk! lol

There was a tractor track running down the side of the field, so I thought it would be easy to just follow it to the other side. But the tracks were so deep that the underside of my car was grating against the ground. Then a big puddle came up and I panicked slightly so pulled out of the track and onto the field its self. Where I promptly sank!

I should have maybe figured all that rain might have made the ground a teensy bit soggy, but no :( After a few minutes of wheel spinning futility I had a brainwave. Remembering my Top Gear training I realised the wheels needed traction, so improvising I used the car mats from inside my car and out them under the wheels to give the tyres grip. Fat lot of good that did. The spinning wheels just drove the mats into the mud!

So I had no choice but to go find the farmer, admit I had gone driving in his field without permission, and could I please please have a tow out, G'vnr?

Actually, he just laughed and said "Whats in it for me?" So I chucked him £20 and arranged for the crew to come next week lol. So it all worked out in the end :) And the moral of the story? Get out and walk, you lazy bastard!!

PS. Cumbria is a nice part of the world :)


dragonfly said...

:))) That was funny! You'd better buy a jeep of you wanna go off road. Is Cumbria Wales in Welsh??

Alexander said...

Most notorious field in Cumbria,Martin. Said farmer has been operating a car 'rescue' service for years now after luring unsuspecting motorists into the field. Why else do you think he was laughing? Btw, hello Kasia :D

Nick Vernon said...


genius funny story mate! I can't believe you thought a mondeo, great though they are, could make it through a field like that. How very brave...and how nice was that man for only 20quid? What if he'd have said 'no'? What else would you have done? Lol

Nice to hear it had a happy end...

Nick Vernon said...

p.s I've just noticed your car is maroon-ed.

Get it?


Martin said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, my friends! ;)

And Nicholas, don't give up the day job for comedy just yet, Sunshine! ;) lol

Martin said...

And Cumbria is the north west of England, Kasia. Just beneath Scotland. :)

dragonfly said...

Oh, I see. Thank you. :) And hi Alexander!

Jae Gunderson said...

That's such an experience, Martin! I guess Dragonfly's right. You should drive a Jeep whenever you plan to explore fields or rocky mountains. Good thing that you were able to call for some help right away. The place looked so isolated.