Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breathe in 3D

Im going to be doing locations on a short film in September. I actually like doing shorts, and I credit them with getting me to meet all the people who would later give me the leg-up in paid work. Plus, its also fun working on films! lol Thats why I do it!

But since I've been working pretty much fulltime on feature films since November last year, I havent had the time to commit myself to getting involved with anyones projects. I am in pre-production on Lipstikka at the moment, so don't have much time to do anything else.

But at the moment I am helping on two, not one, shorts over the coming months. One, called The Golden Boy I am just making a few calls for. I wont be able to do the shoot, so my friend Sam who I worked with on Rubins will do it for me. More on that as it unfolds.

But after Lipstikka finishes I have been asked to do locations for a short called Breathe. I might have passed until I saw the concept art, and the fact that they are going to shoot in 3D. Yes, thats 3D. The new snazzy James Cameron sort of 3D. Needless to say I was intruiged! And they are doing it live action. More on this later.

At the moment I am tucked into Lipstikka full pelt. I had my phone stolen last week (plus ipod) and it took a week for a new one to turn up and get activated. It didnt help that the postman delivered it to the wrong address! So after not being very productive for a week, Ive been flat out trying to sort things out, and on Friday I felt I was finally getting somewhere. Thank god for that! I find myself looking for schools and homes again, but also a Thames river boat. So Ive been acquainting myself with the laws governing filming on the river (which there are many).

So note to self. I'm not in nice, tranquil Yorkshire anymore; but in the big city. And they eat country boys like me alive! lol. Must take care!


Wesoly said...

Hey! Did you read about the eclipse over Asia? Fantastic! I've only had the privilege of seeing lunar ones, so I've had to settle for the amazing photos!

Martin said...

The footage did look great! I once saw one in Egypt. Pretty damn impressive :)