Sunday, September 24, 2006

3D Poker

Sorry I havent posted for a while, its been a busy week.

Work has been hellish, and I've been playing a bit of poker when I get home.

I' ve discovered a new poker site. It is called PKR and it is fully 3D!!! This may not seem much, but it is truely the next step forward in this sort of personal computer interface. Its not just restricted just to poker.

Although all the recent poker sites that have sprung up are interactive in realtime, PKR adds a truly new dimension as you can customise your avatar/image just like in The SIMS, But as well as realistic looks, movements, and backgrounds, PKR offers you about 30 voice commands and movments. There are the usual niceties like Nice Hand, Thank You, Hi, Goodbye, and Unlucky. But there are also many other fantastic little florishes that you do can use like Chicken (you cluck!), Fan (where you fan yourself theatrically and say "Im feeling the heat"), Cry, Laugh Out Loud, Laugh My *** Off, Cheer, Thumbs Up, and my two favourites Dude! (where you do the cheesy American Bullhorns with your fingers), and Dance (where you do your favourite dance at the table). All off these enhancements really do enhance the playing experience where you tease and josh with your playing mates in realtime.

But it is only a matter of time before our online persona (like Teamwak) will have an avatar that will be able to interact with businesses. You could conduct a virtual interview with an almost perfect virtual human.

Interesting times


Kasia said...

Interesting indeed. Actually our blog chats are perfectly virtual too. We both exist but don't know each other, haven't seen each other. Etc. Isn't it weird? And amazing at the same time?
I love Internet but I must admit there is nothing like a cup of coffee with a real friend. Don't you think? ;)

Martin said...

You cant beat human interaction, thats true. But the world is such a small place now. You can interact with a person 24/7 in any place in the world.

My new mobile phone Motorola Razr is so technologically hard now. Video phone, voice interaction, internet, email. All that and it was a free upgrade.

Its a small, small world. But I do love a cup of coffee in a nice cafe watching the world go by. :)