Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's my birthday

Well yesterday. I am 33 if you need to know.

I should like birthdays more, but since I was 25 I have never looked forward to birthdays. I am that grumpy sort of person who not tell anyone unless they asked.

Dont know why. My mother the the other sort! Make a big deal. Throw a party. Generally make a big song & dance about it. And I just want to bury my head until it goes away.

I am going out for a meal with about 10 friends tomorrow at the Oxford Street Brasserie. Sounds nice. Thats the only thing I like about birthdays, friends. But you should be a good friend everyday of the year, not just on someones birthday. Bah Humbug!!

And if you wonder what I got for my birthday? A pair of work trousers and 40 bottles of beer. Both useful and practical bit not exactly exciting. Two years ago Richard (my brother) bought me two tickets to the opening night of The Producers in London (Unbelievably funny!!) and the year before he bought me two season tickets for Leeds United football club (they got relegated that year, lol!!). But if you could buy me what I really wanted for my birtday, see the photo above :)

Anyway, roll on 34, Horray!


Alexander said...

Happy Birthday!!

33, and 40 Bottles of Beer?

I would have got you 33 Bottles :)

Martin said...

thanks mate

Kasia said...

Oh I am soooo sorry I didnt visit your site earlier!!! The damn lack of time!
Anyway, better late than never. I wish you all the best. Fulfill your dreams and make all your wishes happen!!!!if you are ever in Poland, feel free to be invited for a few beers.