Thursday, September 07, 2006

The best photo I ever took

I have been to a lot of fantastic places on this planet, and I've seen quite a few of the great sights on this planet; but I have never taken a photo of a great view and had it look this good.

Or is it just me? Is this just another average holiday snap that has got the owner thinks is a work of art?

Anyway, Victoria Falls in Zambia.
(It looks best in fullscreen!)


Kasia said...

And now your photo is a wallpaper on my desktop!:)

Alexander said...

Beauty and power in one. I had heard it was best to see it from the Zambian side. Sure looks impressive. Bet you had a good time.

Martin said...

Cheers guys. It was fantastic. And it is best to see from the Zambian side.

Alexander said...

How was Zambia on the whole, Martin?
Did you go on a Trans-Africa journey?

Martin said...

Zambia was fantastic although we did spend all our time around Livingstone. Did all the Xtreme sports, Bungy jumps, gorge swing, white water rafting and microlight flight.

We also did a safari, saw Hippos, white rhino, zebra, elephants and others. Finally spent 3 days on an island in the Zambezi river where we just chilled watching the sun set and drinking beer by candle ight in our wooden hut. Absolutely fantastic!

Please see my Youtube page for clips of this trip.

Alexander said...

Some great videos there on your YT page, Martin. Ostrich racing? Hilarious. Are Ostriches supposed to be ridden? (scratches head). Zambia sounds like a great spot.