Sunday, September 17, 2006

A good weekend at poker

The poker pro career is back on!! Or maybe not, lol.

I came 3rd in a $24 multi tournament with 501 people in it on Full Tilt poker which earned me $1354.00. Very nice.

And just now, finally finished in the money at the White Rose Poker Club. Came a respectable 5th earning £64 from a £15 buy in. It was a relief finally putting in a good performance at my local club. It has been a long time coming.

A few more of these and the poker career is back on. :)

The picture is of one of the unsung planets Neptune. Just remember Neptune might not be as famous as some of the other planets, but it has its own rings, is minus 250 degrees, and has a core of rotating liquid metal.

Oh, and the big dark shape is a storm bigger than Earth with winds of up to 500km.



Alexander said...

Poker is not something I'm familiar with. But 'Neptune'? Ah, well I adore the 'Neptune the Mystic' movement, from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite, in the way those choral voices fade off into oblivion. A storm bigger than the earth? It is virtually impossible to get my head around the very idea of that. Michael Fish would be 'very' alarmed.

Kasia said...

What a storm!
And I like the guys from The Neptunes as they have a very good ear for modern R'n'b.

Martin said...

I am not with the music that the crazy kids listen to thses days, Kasia :)

As for Holst, I dont think I know Neptune, but I do have Mars and Jupiter on my iPod, lol.

Gotta love Mars, which was the theme from Disneys Blackhole!! lol

Alexander said...

Aha. Easily remedied. Neptune (Right Click and Save). Jupiter and Mars are wonderfully melodic. But the real gems of Holst' Planet suite (IMO), are ones such as 'Venus, the bringer of peace' (one of my all time favourites),'Saturn, the bringer of old age' (a titanic piece), and Neptune, the bringer of peace' (mystical whispiness). Holst was of course referring more to the Astrological and Mythical 'aspects' of the planets with his suite. But in a literal sense, he really captures them too in the ones I mention. Such as Neptune there - aloof,isolation,unimaginable distance,choral. It really is one you need to listen to in a quiet room, eyes closed, and imagine yourself slowly orbiting.

Btw, yes Mars is a thrilling stomper, isn't it. About 4 minutes 20 into it, it could make you feel like 'unleashing hell'. Hans Zimmer strongly drew influence from it, for his score to Gladiator (such as the music for the opening battle between the Roman legions and German tribes in Germania).

Martin said...

THanks, Alexander. I am sure I have heard those voices on a sci-fi before. Very nice, I haver heard it before! I think I should dust off the rest of the Planets Suit now, lol

As for Gladiator, movies are another passion of mine. You may be interested to know that there is a casting call for Gladiator 2!!

"Gladiator 2
The sequel to Gladiator is due for a hopeful release date in late 2006 / early 2007. Filming will most likely take place in Athens, Greece and the UK. The film will be based around Roman politics, senators, generals and praetorian guards and not so much focus on the gladiators"

Something new to get interested in.

Alexander said...

Gladiator 2? Hmmm. Bit wary of that, I am (how Yoda that sounded). But there is a BBC series starting Thursday (I think) with the life of Nero. Btw, the chorals of Neptune probably remind you of the Ligeti Atmopsheres music used in 2001, perhaps? Used in the monolith scenes, etc.

Kasia said...

Why crazy kids? LOL You would know everything about modern pop and r'n'b if you were a teacher. :)
And The Neptunes are all right.
I am heading for the disco at school in a minute. I am going to be a I guess a bodyguard.

Martin said...

A chaperone? lol. Your going to be the square who stops the kids from getting off with each other.

I remember my school dances. Didnt want to be caught by anyone! :)

Kasia said...

I pretend I am blind. I remeber going to school so well..
I don't want to spoil everything but sometimes have to..:)))