Friday, May 11, 2007

Moons and Rings

You know I like moons. These fantastic photos show just some of the many, many moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

1. I love this photo! This shows Saturns moon Enceladus creating one of Saturns rings. Like a comet, when the Sun hits the moon, the ice evaporates and creates a tail. Due to Saturns immense gravity the ice vapour follows Enceladus in orbit around the planet. We have never seen this view before because the Sun was behind us. It was only when the Cassini probe flew to the other side of Saturn and looked back, and Enceladus was silloutted could we see this ring creation in action.

2. Saturns moon Epimetheus against the rings.

3. My favourite moon Europa (still the best hope for extra terrestrial life, IMHO) rising over Jupiter.



Alexander said...

Everytime I read the name "Europa" I cannot help but think of the movie and novel of 2010 & 2061. It is one of those now permanent "associations" in my mind. Btw, I recently managed to find the David Shire soundtrack to 2010 : The year we made contact (the 1980s movie). Since a teenager, I had been trying to find it, but it was out of print. Now the wonders of the internet have made it available. That great music at the end as all the blah blah about Europa being off limits to Human interference, is spelled out. Great!!

Martin said...

I LOVE 2010!!!

It is seriously underrated in my opinion. It certianly helped cement the idea that Europa will have life, but all modern evidence (discovered after 2010 was written) makes it almost a certainty. Arthur C Clarke truly was a visionary. He wrote about satallites in the 1930's too!

"All these worlds are your, except Europa. Use them together in peace"

Now THATS a sentiment.

Alexander said...

"My God. It's full of stars"

(said the Paparazzi at the Oscars)

Dragonfly said...

I have no idea what you are both talking about. What's 2010??

Alexander said...

2010 is the sequel novel (and 1984 alternative movie version) to Arthur C Clarkes novel 2001 : A space Odyssey, Kasia. Great novels and movies, if you can find them :D

Dragonfly said...

I know Kubrick's movie, but I haven't seen the sequel. Sequels are usually bad. But if you recommend this one - I am going to see it. :)

Alexander said...

Yeah, it's not bad. A completely different movie approach from Kubricks movie of course. But as the sequel story is also by the writer of 2001,then it helped tremendously. Actually, the movie is a little different from his novel. But the major parts of the story remain the same. Fantastic effects for 1984.

Martin said...

Do you get TCM (Turner Classic Movies) on cable? They always show it.

Its definately not just another sequel. It has its own storng story. Well worth a watch.