Thursday, May 17, 2007

My new TV (or the story of the boy who went shopping on Ebay when ver' ver' drunk!)

So there I am, surfing Ebay at 2.oo am after a heavy cards night when I receive an email from Ebay saying "Have you thought about a new TV?"

Well, who hasnt? Especially when I have just been paid £28,000.

So I am trawling through Ebay pages for new HD Plasma TV's when I come across this bargin. Ex display, knock on the corner, 50" HD flat screen plasma TV; £559 or Best Offer. So I type £500 and go to bed.

Next day a another email. "Congratulations your bid was accepted. You are the winner". I had actually forgotten about the night before so I have a small funny turn. But now it is here, and it is massive! I am now HD ready, and as anyone in the UK knowns we will all have to be in the next 2 years, as they are turning off the anologue signal.

Horray, I have a massive TV!!!


Alexander said...

Great to watch. But is the viewing (as in programmes) any good anymore? Rarely do I watch TV now. Only for the occasional documentary / News. In my Teens, I had Sky. But it began to be ripoff, with its "pay per view". I chose to Boycott them in protest.

Dragonfly said...

I like your tv, but I still woudn't like to have one. :)