Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The sky over Death Valley

This amazing shot (click for larger image) is a 360 degree photo of the sky above Death Valley.


PS. Going to Rome for 5 days on 20th May. Will see the Colossium, the Pantheon, and 150km down the coast Naples, Mount Vesuvius, and Pompeii. Cant wait!


Dragonfly said...

Oh, lucky you!!!!! I am jelaous!! :)))

Alexander said...

What was that old saying again? Ah yes, "When in Rome, do as the Polish do".

Have a nice trip in Rome, Martin :)

Martin said...

Hey guys! I will be snapping like crazy, so expect lots of photos when done!

Nice to see you again Alexander!

Dragonfly said...


Alexander said...

Cheers, Martin. Nice to see your photo Blog still up, too. Get to Rome while you can. BBC news carried a report on its front page today saying its all falling down as we speak. Haha, just an exaggeration like the "Ready to launch in 45 minutes". But apparently many of the sites are starting to badly corrode for a variety of reasons. A section of roman wall (near the Forum, I think) collapsed recently (at night, luckily) and certain ancient underground palace frescoes are suffering from rain damage seaping through. Time is starting to catch up with these historical wonders (although, that mighty beast "The Colosseum" ain't goin' anymore soon). Btw, yeah you're gonna love Rome. It certainly is a photographers chocolate box. If I have some time (busy life recently),I'll up my Blog again with pics of Rome and some articles I wrote about a trip there last year,if you're interested.

Martin said...

Where did you visit? Any recommandations?

Alexander said...

My time in Rome itself was fairly short,because I was moving on to other areas. But in my 2 or 3 days there, I was highly impressed and I know I only stratched the surface. You could be there for weeks and still miss many wonders. Walk everywhere if you can (apart from taking the occasional bus/metro for "really" long distances) because every corner you turn, some other absurdly amazing monument meets you. Absolute musts, are the Colosseum (of course). Wowed me more than I expected. You really feel the ancient history,with that place. Do go in. Some people opt not to pay the entrance. But I say they miss a different perspective.

Romes Forum itself is amazing but you really need to bring a book that would explain what everything is, to get the best out of the ruins. Up the hill, there is the amazing Piazza del Campidoglio that looks back out onto the Forum and Colosseum. Amazing view, and down the other side are all kinds of statues (some by Michelangelo).

Down the steps and to the right, is the amazing Vittorio Emanuele II monument. Like a huge wedding cake. Apparently, some people hate it. To me, it was "so" Italian ego. Huge soaring pride. Great stuff. Btw, there is a museum inside near the top, which is easy to miss. All kinds of old Italian noveltys like military swords and costumes, etc.

Of course, then there is the unmissable Vatican city. Really, it is a must visit. From the amazing intentionally "hugging" design of the square with all those columns, to the gargantuan interior of St Peters Basilica. Another thing, is that the Vatican Museum is a must see. Don't be put up by queues or the entrance fee. You will regret not going inside. Because it is just one long journey inside of art wonders and sickening exploitation of the poor over the centuries to make amazing rooms of gold and art (LOL). Truly, unmissable even if you're not particularly into art / museums.

Of course, you are rewarded at the end of that,by the Sistine Chapel. Oh and then there is the Pantheon, which is amazing. To think it was once a Roman temple, converted for Christianity. All of this is just a small amount of things in Rome.

A good way is to combine sight seeing with just general wandering around in the place, so you don't get "templed out" (as they say). People watching, buying a Gellato (ice cream), grabbing a bite to eat. Grabbing an Italian espresso.