Sunday, June 03, 2007

100th post. Appropriately The Pantheon

Or the temple to All the Gods. Quite possibly the most beautiful building I have ever seen.

It is the only 100% complete Roman building still standing, built 2000 years ago by Marcus Agrippa (watch HBO's Rome!).

Sitting in a (exorbitant omelette and 2 drinks E14) cafe across the square, it didn't take much imagination to picture the Romans in togas streming into the magnificent building. It is the highest/biggest free-standing dome in the world, and has the original Roman marble floors.

The 20 metre hole in the dome room allows the sun to trace the wall inside like a sundial. Although some rain does fall inside, the original drainage takes it away without any fuss.

Of course the Catholics got hold inside where ever they could, so its a bit flash inside :)) Gold and statues, and reliefs, and Raphaels; all housed in this magnificent 2000 year old temple.

Absolutely fantastic!!!


Alexander said...

Ah the Pantheon. Wonderful building. Amazing how they constructed such a perfect dome for the day. I'd love to comment more, but I've got to leave for the airport in about 20 minutes. Off travelling myself, and if you are interested I've put up a Blog which I hope to update as I travel. You can find it located at On the road to Damascus. Bye Bye :D

Martin said...

Thanks mate.

Have a good travels.

Dragonfly said...

The Pantheonon did impress me. My jaw dropped and I was like: "How was that possible???"