Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Vatican museum

What can I say? The Catholic church has been pillaging, I mean preserving artifacts for 1500 years. It is an amazing/mind blowing collection of Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Renaisance art works, statues and reliefs.

Some rooms were so full of amazing stuff I didnt know where to look anymore. All of this stuff was before I got the the Sistine Chapel and Raphael rooms. More on those rooms later.

Most of the artifacts were not named, or were in Latin or Italian, so I couldn't really tell you what they all were. So instead I shall just post lots of photos!



Dragonfly said...

The main problem in this museum is that there is so much to see. Too much. It is a caleidoscope of art history! Everything so beautiful and sooo important!

Martin said...

It was a busy day, for sure ;lol