Friday, June 01, 2007

The Wedding Cake

AKA The False Teeth or The Type Writer.

In response to Alexanders post, the deeply unpopular The Victor Emmanuel Monument or Il Vittoriano, built by everyones favourite fascisto Mussollini.

Built in the 1920's to commemorate Italian re-unification. But they think its a bit flash and gaudy!

If its not Roman, or Renaissance the Italians are not interested


Alexander said...

I was deeply impressed by this monument when I saw it appear out of nowhere after that famous hill top Plaza near the Forum. At the time,I didn't know its history, but found out after returning from Italy. It had a huge imposing atmosphere. Pity it looks like they were doing some repair work when you were there. Did you go into the museum built into the right hand side at the top? All those collections of Italian Swords and memorabilia. Plus it was an air conditioned oases from the heat of Rome that day. I suppose in some ways it is gaudy. But I think it is mostly the fact that it is bright white that it stands out so much,which probably annoys the Italians. I found it one of those monuments where if you get closer and then move back or approach from various angles,you have a different experience and impression of it each time.

Martin said...

I didnt have time to visit. My bus stopped there and I had to get somewhere else.

By the end of the trip every Italian I met said they hated it. lol

Alexander said...

Interesting that it is so despised. It certainly is very "in yer face", but to me it was almost a glimpse of how some of the ancient Roman buildings in the Forum would have looked in their day. As you mention, they probably hate it more because of who it is connected to historically,rather than the monument itself. Although, it must take a lot of money to keep that thing clean. More tax & resentment LOL

Dragonfly said...

Well, it doesn't look that bad for me. It is huge but it didn't make me feel that it shouldn't be there.