Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lolcats, or the legend of I Can Has Cheezburger

The internet is truly a strange place. Let me introduce to "lolcats". Thats "lol" as internet laugh, and "cats" as in cats!

Lolcats are humourous cat pictures, with a cute or silly slogan on them. Usually spelled using textspeak, ie. spelled wrongly! They were originally called Cat Macros, but evoloved into the internet friendly term, lolcats.

The first known lolcat is the first picture, bearing the now legend "I Can Has Cheezburger". From there, an internet craze was spawned. And its not just limitted to cats anymore. There are loldogs, lolbunnys, and lolgerbils. I am sure you've received by email various funny cat pictures, I know I have. Monorail Cat, and Invisible Sandwich are favourites of mine.

There is now a website set up where people can send there own lolcats. You won't be suprised to know its name. . People are sending them in at a crazy rate. I know I ended up spending a couple of hours just looking at pictures on the site! lol

I came across this when Time magazine did a piece on it, and I saw a couple of my avatars looking back at me. The internet is truly a strange place!


Dragonfly said...

I love cats!!!!!!!!! Thx, it was a lot of fun! (It is weird but I have a short post about cats too) :))

Alexander said...

LOL I love the "The Spice must flow" one, because the Dune Novels are my favourites. And the "so...much..purple" was great too :D