Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Star Wars

Don't panic! This isn't the start of an intergalactic war from Earth.

This fantastic photo was taken from an observatory in Chile. The laser is measuring the density of particles in our upper atmosphere.

Sure looks cool, though!



Alexander said...

Great photo. I'm waiting for your blog post on this recently discovered gas giant which is apparently multiple times bigger than Jupiter?

Martin said...

:) Just been reading about that. They are finding planets at the rate of a couple a month!

I think its fantastic!

Alexander said...

Yeah,soon it is going to become a case of - "Yaaawn, another Gas Giant". Once (when all around was green fields) things like Space Shuttle launches were a MAJOR event weren't they!! Eventually everybody was like - "Yeah yeah, whatever. Talk to the hand cause the face ain't listenin'" (well,some did I'm sure).