Monday, August 13, 2007

No place on Earth

I was struck with more than a passing resemblance between these photos.

The first is of ice melting on sand dunes at the Martian pole. The dark spots are sand which doesn't reflect as much light as the water ice from the winter months.

The second* is of the banks of the Dead Sea in Jordon. I remember from my trips to Israel and Jordan that the landscape of the Negev Desert really looked like no place on earth.

It seems it(3) bears more of a resemblance to Mars(4).


* I'm not too proud to nick a nice photo, Alexander! Thank you ;)


Dragonfly said...

So, when are you planning to visit Mars? ;)

Martin said...

You know, I would go tomorrow if I could!!


Dragonfly said...

Would you take me with you? I'd be very polite. :)

Martin said...

lol. of course!

The first Anglo-Polish space mission!!