Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Technophilia is, in its simplest definition, a strong enthusiasm for technology, especially newer technologies such as computers, the Internet, cell phones and home theater. It is used in sociology when examining the interaction of individuals with their society, especially contrasted with technophobia.

My Laptop died last week. The C driev started making funny noises (which is never a good sign). I could have bought a nice spanky new one, but I have been spending money like its going out of fasion, and thats NOT a good thing!

The cheapest repair guys messed me around about picking it up, and after 2 days I got sick of waiting for them and called another company to pick it. Of course the first lot then turned up 50 minutes later. I had to shout at them to get them to go away!

The new company put a new 100 gig hard drive, and operating system and delivered it back to me 2 days later for £150 in total. Bargin!

But it was shocking how much I missed being able to go online. All the websites I visit, all my emails! It was like having an arm cut off. Sad really.

How ever did we manage before mobile phones and PC's. Very well, if I remember! lol.


Dragonfly said...

So you suffer from it, too? Internet addiction! Thank God I am not alone!!!!:)

Martin said...

Shocking, isnt it?

When you think my new mobile is stronger than any pc 10 years ago its amaing.

Check out the Nokia N95!! Thats my new baby!!



Dragonfly said...

Mobile phones are not my forte. :( I hate talking on the phone and playing phone games etc. But I do love the internet.