Thursday, October 11, 2007


I always loved Beowulf. I makes me think of my childhood when I think of it. It is a classic story - the story of the warrior Beowulf, who, at the behest of the king; must defeat the monster Grendel. And then Grendels mother! Great stuff.

They did a live action version recently, with 300's Gereard Butler as Beowulf. It was OK, but a bit hokey and lame looking!

Now Director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Castaway) has now done his version. He has made a Motion Capture (MoCap) version of it, like his previous effort The Polar Express. And it has a cast to die for!

MoCap involved the actors wearing lycra suits with sensors on them, that capture the actors every movement. They are then fed into a computer, that animates the action. The results are famous actors, being able to be changed into any shape they want. The you can still see their faces, yet their bodies are totally different.

Great British character actor Ray Winstone is made to look 10 years younger and a WHOLE lot fitter as Beowulf. Anthony Hopkins is made into a 300 pound tub of lard as the King. Crispin Glover becomes Grendel the monster, and Angelina Jolie....well just see what theyve done to her as Grendels Mother. Also starring John Malkovitch and Robin Penn Wright.

This looks absolutley stunning, and I can not wait for it! Enjoy!!


Alexander said...

Does Ray Whinstone at any stage in this movie crack a sock full of snooker balls round the head of some unfortunate enemy and scream - "I'm the daddy now. Next time I'll f***** kill ya" ?

Martin said...

I know. Can you believe how well our Ray is doing. This and the Indiana Jones' sidekick in the new Indy movie!

Who's the daddy? Ray is, it seems!

Dragonfly said...

Gerard Butler is soooo great, but his Beowulf sucked. I was so bored by this film. I am also waiting for the new version. Hopefully it will be bettter. I just don't think i am a bnig fan of Angelina. Of course I understand why every man adores her, but I really doubt in her acting skills.

Martin said...

Im a big Gerard fan, but yeah, they missed the plot with his beowulf. I still still he made an excellent Dracula in Dracula 2000 ;)