Monday, October 29, 2007

The road to heaven

Came across fantastic photo a road to the stars. Beautiful!

And some the next few post I have something to amaze or possibly bore you to tears! Please let me know!

I have bought a photo scanner/printer/copier thingy. Its pretty cool as it will scan any photo, blow it up fill size, and save it as a digial copy! I have been scanning all my old holiday snaps to digital, and I'm going to bore you all with a few of them! Please forgive!

And lets see if I have been anywhere Alexander hasnt't yet! lol



Dragonfly said...

Pure magic! Great photo!

Alexander said...

Wonderful photo. Recently I've been scanning old photos too. Family (on both sides) ones, before they disintergrate. We're talking black and white photos from the late 1890s-1950s here. All of them reside in an attic in a box, and it would be a shame if they were lost. Although scanning one by one is tedious in the extreme, it will be worth it for prosperity.