Friday, October 05, 2007

I told you it was dangerous out there!

I have often gone on about how powerful the various cosmic rays out in space are. Bursts of energy that are measured in terms greater than we can comprehend. Our Sun churns out more energy in day than all the nuclear energy ever generated on this planet.

The Sun preiodically chucks out lumps of its self into space in whats called a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). They dont cause us too much trouble as we have a magnetic field and an atmosphere to keep most of the energy out. The energy hit its the force field of our magnetic field, and ripples across it in what we call the Aurora ;)

Please click on this link and play clip on the page:

What you are watching is a comet run into a Cornal Mass Ejection and having its ten million mile tail ripped off!

I told you it was powerful out there.


Alexander said...

I told you it was powerful out there. And I doubted you, I doubted you. If only I had listened (sobs). I loved the animated gif,btw. Like a cosmic sperm with it's onboard GPS system dismantled :D

Dragonfly said...

Powerful but so beautiful! And beauty is powerful in a very nice way1

Martin said...

Glad you like! I gasped when I saw it.

As you can tell, I get very excited by things like that lol