Monday, October 01, 2007

There are holes in Mars

This fantastic photo is of Mars. On the left hand side you can see 3 dark holes at the top of the ridge. They register no light, so they must be a hole.

So whats creating holes on Mars? No one really knows, but if they are anything like Earth (which we think they are), then these could well be collapsed volcanic tunnels.

One things for sure, they aint half deep!


Alexander said...

Remember thet scene from Jason and the Argonaut where Hercules picks up a Titan's broch pin, and thinks it's a Javelin? These holes on mars are the gold course of the Titans I tell ya :D

Alexander said...

(Sigh) - Butter fingers. "Golf" course of the Titans :D

Martin said...

lol. Butter fingers :)

I always Jason & the Argonauts. I loved the giant brinze man, who they killed by unscrewing the plug in his heel.

As I kid I thought it was such a design flaw, lol. Should have out ut behind his ear :)

Alexander said...

It''s....TALOS!!!! :O . Good point about the design flaw, btw. Back to the drawing board, I guess. Another thing is, why was he filled with hot Ribena? (I shall cease asking questions now, because J&A is one of my favourite oldies).

Dragonfly said...

How can anyone take a photo of Mars which so accurate? Is this a real Mars hole? Looks like a giant bullet hit the planet.