Friday, September 28, 2007

The clock is ticking

This is Mount Tungurahua in Equador.

A nice, sleepy volcano that rises in a perfect cone to 5016 meters. It has a sleepy little town called Banos on its sides. Tungurahua has been increasing its activity since 1999 when it melted its ice cap during recent seismic activity. This sent a torrent if mud and water called a Lahare that washed all the roads away, but missed the town.

But they still keep living in Banos. The Government did evacuate them in 1999, but couldnt really stop them returning, although it did say it was at their own risk. It'll get them one day, but until that day people will still want to live in this fertile, farming land.

As this final, fantastic photo shows - the clock is ticking!


Alexander said...

Cool!! (such an inappropriate word for the subject). Does "No Win, No Fee" apply on this particular one?

Martin said...


There so many places on this planet where we shouldnt live :)

I know if I ever move from Harrogate (which is hilly,) I wont live on a flood plain!!

Alexander said...

Yeah. And despite building in such places, I saw Gordon Brown giving his speech the other day and proudly announcing that after having spoken to many young people who cannot even afford to rent or buy their own house he can now happily announce that is going to build 1000s of new homes and new Eco villages (probably on flood plains). Despite the immediate applause (and his smile), nobody seemed to pick up on the fact that he dodged the initial issue and didn't mention how young people are going to 'afford' them. And here ends a perfect example of going off topic from Volcanos LOL

Dragonfly said...

I don't reaaly get why poeple tend to settle down at the bottom of volcanoes. They need more adrenalin in their lives?