Monday, September 10, 2007

Instructions included

Now what the hell is this?

This is Mankinds message to any aliens out there. This, and another like it are imbedded into the Voyager 1 & 2 space probes that were launched into out solar system in the 70's to photograph the outer planets. They did spectaculr work, proving us with the orignal shots of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and there moons. It also manages to be the baddie in the original Star Trek movie, when a souped-up Voyager 1 was sent back to Earth as a killer probe (V-Ger).

When the Voyagers had photographed their final missions of Uranus and Neptune, the two probes were still working fine - their power sources still full of juice; so they were left to continue on their present trajectorys and they have continued ever since. They both left out solar system a few years ago and are both in Deep Space on the way to who knows where.

It is a 12 inch record cast on gold-plated copper. On the disk is sounds and images of planet Earth as decided by a pannel of do-gooders in the US in th 70's.

And cast on the back is the directions to Earth, and instructions to aliens on how to listen to our record.

Good stuff!

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Alexander said...

Ah yeah I know this disc. Fascinating (raises one eyebrow). I remember hearing some excerpts from it on some space documentary years ago. I wonder if it is available on MP3 lol. Must be out there ("that away" as Kirk would say). On return to Britain I shall "seek".