Sunday, September 02, 2007


It was my parents Sapphire wedding anniversary on Saturday 1st. For those of you not familiar with the tradition of an metal or stone signiftying and occasion; sapphire is 45 years! lol

45 years!! I suppose i cant get my head around that leangth of time. Not yet, anyway.

I wont say it was plain sailing all the time. It wasnt - I remember. But they stuck to it, and worked through it. It think it is an incredible testament to them both. And they seem to love each other now, more than ever before. :)

We had a massive family do in a hotel in Harrogate. All Mums cousins from Huddersfield came to visit (who are all getting very old now). Being from the salt-of-the-earth part of Britain brings some very dark humour from them all. The running joke is that we only ever see them at funerals; but actually theyre not wrong!

So Richard, my brother, hired a hotel suite and invited them all. It was a fantastic day. Mum loved seeing all her old cousins again. Much beer, wine, and laughter followed. And I, of course, was wheeled out to play the piano again. Just as "Aunt Jesse" used to play. Aunt Jesse was my grandmother, and an excellent pianist. All these old men and women still remember very fondly Aunt Jesse playing the piano in all the big hotels in Huddersfield and Leeds over 60 years ago when they were all still children.

Family and nostalgia. A great combination on a day like that! :)


Dragonfly said...

Oh, your post almost made me cry! It is wonderful.
And ...45 years! is like a dream come true. Of course it can't be rosy for 45 years all the time, but to get through all the obstacles and you know hold your spouse's hand and look back and have so many beautiful memories together..45 years is really long time!
So your parent's marriage is a proof that it is all worth it! Marriage is hard work but it also means that the biggest friendship and warmest relationship can happen!
And what a nice party it must have been! What an occasion!
What is your parent's secret? :)

Dragonfly said...

Sorry if I am "oh" and "agh" but I am really really moved!

Martin said...

Thanks you very much, Kasia!

It was written from the heart. I was feeling full of family when I got back. Im very glad you liked it!

I suspect compromise may be the key. They can argue about most thing, but also know when to give in to the other. That, and fantastic sense of humours. They both make each other laugh!!

Im sure your marrage will be long and happy; and you'll both be dancing the tango on your 45th!!