Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday present

Its my birthday today. I am 34!! Boo! I do not want to be 34. But theres not a lot I can do about it lol.

Well, if I could have my perfect birthday present I would get a stay in the new space hotel they are planning to build (2012).

It will cost a mere $2 million a night! :) There are just a couple of things they need to iron out before they accept paying guests - both are things guests do in hotel rooms.

They need to sort out a comfortable toilet system. The vacuum pump system that the astronauts use may be a little un-subtle for billionaires to put their bums against lol. Shocking!

But the other thing that humans do in hotel rooms? ;)

Sex! lol. They need to figure out the machanics of zero-G sex. There have been male and female astonuats in space for a number of years; some of them spending 6 months on the space station. Surely one of two of them have got jiggy with it in space? It occurs to me that they may need to send a couple into space just to have sex, so they can see what happens lol. What a job.

Forget the mile-high club. I want to join the 150 mile-high club!

Happy birthday to me!


Dragonfly said...

Dear Martin!!!!!!!!!
I do hope all your dreams will come true! You are only 34 so there is plenty of time to do anything you wish for:))))) I wish you 1000 smiles every day, nice sunshine every morning, starry nights and good humour to brighten up every dark moment:)

Alexander said...

34. Solemn Birthday LOL

150 mile high club?

The mind boggles at the possibilitys :)

Martin said...

It is a solemn birthday lol!

Thanks guys!!

See you another years blogging :)