Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is one of my favourite photos I've ever taken. Shot in 2005 at the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia; its captures the falls and two rainbows. Very David Bailey of me.

This snazzy photo has six rainbows in it! Well three real ones, and their refelction lol.

Pretty :)


Oddity said...

Impressive. Very impressive (how very Star Wars). Did the lense get soaked from the waterfall spray?. Btw, everytime I visit your Blog I watch the spectacle of the "Leave Britney Alone" Video. I'm thinking it would be great to pay that guy to do this version of it -

"And how fucking dare anybody out there make fun of eye-ran!! After ALL she's been through (sniff). She was invaded by Alexander the Great. She lost her Empire. She was invaded by the armies of Islam. Her plans to erase Israel are being scuppered (blub). What you don't realize is that Iran is making you all that oil and all you can do is write a bunch of CRAP about her. LEAVE IRAN ALOOOONE!!! She hasn't launched a missle in years. Ehud Olmert said that if Ahmedinejad had been a true professional he would have pulled off the nuclear program no matter what. Speaking of professionalism, since when has it been professional to publicly BASH a nation that's going through a hardline Islamic REGIME? Leave Iran ALOOOOONE!!! Leave Iran alone....right NOW!!! I MEAN IT!! Anyone who's got a problem with Iran, you deal with ME....Because Iran's not well right now (sobbing)....(looks up angrily)...You're lucky she even exports dates to you BASTARDS!!!"

Martin said...

Great stuff. Get a yellow sheet and your camcorder, and get recording ;) You can add it to the various paraodys of that clip that have sprung up, lol.

I do love the George Bush one! "Leave General Patraeus alone! His Aunt died!"


Martin said...

And yes, the spray went everywhere. We met one guy who said the spray was like a light rain. What a liar! It was like a shower on fullpelt lol. We hired rain macks lol, and hid under there.

But it is, by far, one of the greatest places I've been. All very awe inspiring :) Highly recommended!

Dragonfly said...

Wow, so you can find actually more then one magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Three rainbows= three pots? Grrrreat! We'd better start looking for them!
Amazing pics! Was photoshop involved? :)

Martin said...


No, its a genuine picture :) They think the 3rd one is reflected in spray over the lake