Friday, September 21, 2007

The ultimate freedom

This is US astronaut Bruce McCandless II ( could he be anything other than American with that name!). This was taken in 1984 from Challenger. The very next mission the shuttle blew up on take off due to a faulty O Ring in the booster rockets.

Bruce is doing a spacewalk un-tethered - the furthest un-tethered spacewalk ever. He is manouvering using a jetpack on his back; the Manned Manouvering Unit (MMU) by firing little jets of Nitrogen in various directions.

The MMU was replaced by SAFER (Simplified Aid for EVA(Extra Vehicular Activety) Rescue). Modelled by the lovely Mark Lee - SAFER is smalled and, well safer, than the MMU.

Mark is wearing 1994 seasons white space suit, and is hanging 200km over the planet Earth.



Oddity said...

Amazing. Part of me would love to do that. Part of me is terrified by the prospect of having absolutely nothing under my feet and being so incredibly high above everything, because occasionally I experience vertigo (managed to Sky Dive once though,despite that). I love the "Mark is wearing 1994 seasons white space suit". Sounds like he's on the catwalk -"...with Marks and Spencers tie".

Martin said...

Glad you like :)

Boy, I would love to do that one day!!

No bloody chance lol!

Dragonfly said...

Me too, me too!!!

Martin said...

And Oddity, you could have said you were Alexander lol! I thought I had a new reader :)

Glad your back, mate. Now where actually are you in the UK?