Thursday, September 06, 2007

Teamwak wins big at PKR

Thursday, September 06
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Poker world thrilled as Teamwak takes huge $1498.60 tournament prize. "Fame won't change me" says Teamwak
By Special Correspondent.
PKR NEWS - Teamwak fought a field of 222 tough competitors to take 1st place in the PKR $5,000 GUARANTEED Tournament and $1498.60. "It was an incredible display", said one observer, "everyone was on the edge of their seats".
The result marks another big step in Teamwak's meteoric rise to poker stardom. "I predict big things from Teamwak", said a poker insider, "all the ingredients are there; skill, determination, guts - and a slightly funny haircut."

Teamwak took 1st place and a $1498.60 prize.

Poker is a game of stats and numbers. For every suckout (the name given when someone with far worse cards than you beats you) there must be an equal chance of your hands holding up. It had seemed over the past few months that no matter how good my hands were, people were beating them with all sorts of rubbish. Last night, every hand held up; as it should have done. I was nearly always in with the best, and they all held up :)

Now that is probably a years worth of good luck I used up last night. Back to hard-work poker, I think.


Dragonfly said...

Lucky you!!!! :))
But still I don't understand the love for poker and cards in general. ;)

Martin said...

The thrill of winning a hand you didnt deserve to win lol

Cant beat it!


Alexander said...

---The thrill of winning

Remınds me of the - "Why do you climb mountains?" question. "Because it's there!!" (as the climbers say)...LOL