Monday, September 24, 2007

Pangea Ultima

How's your geology?

Pangea is the name of super continent that exicsted 100's of millions of years ago. All the landmasses of the earth were in one giant block, and with the shifting of the Eartrhs tectonic plates, we get the continents that we see today. Britian and Europe were once in the tropics. We know this by the vast qualitities of coal we all have. The remanents of ancient rain forrests.

Scientists have worked out, using exisiting data on continental drift, that in 250 million years time the continents will have lumped into one giant landmass again.

They have named it, of course, Pangea Ultima.

Britian looks awfully far north now! Brrrrrr!


Oddity said...

Ah, no more need of expensive Visas? Just a big chunky "Pangea Ultima" Visa in the passport for a one off fee? Talking of forests. They reckon Britain's forests were really huge not so long ago (a matter of centuries). A big reminder of the scale of deforestation in Britain came to me when looking at the forests in Russia which just go on and on and on for hours untouched. Of course they have more land. But go to some forests in Britain now, and you're out the other end in about 30 minutes and can usually hear the low hum of traffic in the background too. Plenty of "fields", but not so many trees now. Increasingly where I live there are more trees cut down to make way for housing. At 33 I never thought I could say - "I remember when this was all trees".

Pangea? Sounds like pop star name material.

Dragonfly said...

Pangea? Sounds strange. But I know panga is a kind of fish. A very tasty one.