Monday, June 30, 2008

And at Glastonbury 2008......The sun shined!!! Mostly

Yes, Friday was waterlogged, and I was forced to dance in wellies (my dogs are proper barking this evening lol)* I've had a super long soak in the bath, and a nice beer to unwind with, checked my 77 emails(!!), and started to upload my photos. Can't believe the crazy is over.
*it means my feet are killing me :)

I went with my friend Francis from Canada, who is over for a month long trip of Europe. Mainly dance festivals in Holland, Berlin, and UK it seems, lol, but good for him!

Being a proper dance kid, Francis didn't see one band not in the Dance Field, so I mainly stayed with him - but I did catch Neil Diamond who rocked!! I love the main stage on a sunny afternoon, everyone singing along with some master of their craft in full swing. Love it! And the crazy costumes, and good naturedness of everyone there make it a perfect, if fairly surreal experience :)

But I mainly danced. Hence the dogs! lol

Saw some fantastic DJ's and acts. Friday night was perfect (wellies or no). X-press 2, James Zabiele, Roisin Murphy, and the Stanton Warriors were all perfect. Then onto the after hours acts. There is a new field called Trash City, up by the Green Fields and Avalon fields. It is where all the crazy modern sculptures, fire dancers, nightclubs that look like half and airplane, and get this, a 1970's New York gay disco run by transvestites called NYC Downlow. It was bloody fantastic!!! lol. Still classic Glastonbury, with loads of mashed ravers looking for a last dance, but was also pretty full of loads of other gay clubbers too - and played an fast house/disco mix that was brilliant. Went back on Saturday night too. Fantastic place lol.

Saturday night was more so-so until the headline act of Dance West - DJ Dave Seaman (no, not the footballer lol). I have fond memories of Dave as he is a Leeds DJ, and used to play at all the clubs and raves I went to in 1991/92. I havent really seen him since, so it was great to hear him play. And he was plain amazing!! A few of the acts had been a bit up-their-own-arses and pretentious, but Dave Seaman played a perfect big set, full of anthems and classic, to very receptive crowd!

But I leave the final word to Mr Seaman, who really was the act of the festival for me.

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