Sunday, June 15, 2008

I now have my own website!! :)

Please check it out, and feel free to message me back saying what a load of old tosh it is :D

It was suprisingly easy to build once I got going. They have website builders designed for even the biggest spazz's like me.

I think I got carried away with posting photos...and I really should have ordered my 250 new business cards AFTER I created my website lol

Oh well! I'm not known for doing things the easy way.


Alexander said...

Very fancy, Martin. I had no idea you have had such top level jobs. I have a suggestion though (for the website). On my connection at least, scrolling down the screen to read each page was reeeeally pulling and sticking as the images were rendering. I had a look at the file size of each images on display, and some of them are huuuuuge. 500kb and some over 1MB each. If you're interested, I use a free program called Easy Thumbnails for compressing photos to any size (and file size) you want. It would take those 500k ones down to about 20-30kb or less,each, while retaining image quality (which you can also determine). I reckon it would speed up browsing of your new website considerably (especially on any connections which may be even slower).

Martin said...

Thanksfor that!

I have had other feedback about the laoding speeds. I shall have a go wih this program and try my luck

Thanks matey!