Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The truth is in Grimsby

Working today with my friends Lois & Simon in their internet security company, I came across a very interesting document on the Ministry of Defence website that I had been searching for something.

After a little bit of investigation discovered this little titbit in ThisIsGrimsby.co.uk.

On Saturday 7th October, at 9.30pm, Cleethorpes resident Matthew P. witnessed a strange UFO emitting no sound which was estimated to be between 60 to 80ft from the ground and about 8ft in width. After a moment it sped off into the night sky.

In response to a recent letter in the Telegraph, no, Katie wasn't the only person to see a strange object in the sky the other weekend.

"On the Saturday evening in question, at 9.30, a strange object caught my eye. There was no sound from this craft and the main reason I noticed it was the fact that it was flying so low. It could have only been between 60 to 80ft in the sky.

I couldn't make out a shape, as it glided over our neighbour's house, all I saw were four bright lights. There were two yellow lights, one at each end and two bright red ones in the centre.

They seemed to measure about eight feet across. I followed the object as far as Taylor's Avenue, when it sped off into the night sky.

I've always been fascinated with UFOs and this has definitely made my mind up.
Look to the skies. We are not alone."
Matthew P, Lindum Road, Cleethorpes.

Wow!! The truth is out there; and it seems it's in Grimsby! ;)

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