Monday, June 09, 2008

Forty Thousand Reasons

I worked on a short move all this weekend. It came about from when I met some people at the recent Yorkshire crew events and gave out my new business cards lol.It is a kidnapped/ranson gone wrong flick, with double-crosses, shoot outs, blood (of course), and running. Lots and lots of running! lol

It was the first time production of a working actor called Conor Ibrahim from Bradford. He wrote it and his cousin Imran directed it. It was co-produced by a fantastic actress called Pepper Rutter, who with her husband Adi (senior thingamy-bob at the National Media Museum) are very well known and respected in the Yorkshire film world. Adi actually runs the Bradford Internal Film Festival for the NMM. Pepper is a working actress and recently got a part in the new Wuthering Heights big bucks production being filmed 15 miles from Harrogate, but just found out the part had been cut for budgety reasons!. Turns out me and Pepper clicked like a house on fire, and working with her has been a real joy this weekend! And don't let me forget to metion what a first rate actress she is, having been trained st the Sylvia Conte school. Along with Conor who has been on The Bill, and did a racial drama that praised in the Guardian, they did some really intense kidnapped scenes that were amazing to watch. Proper hairs on arms stuff. It was certainly proper no budget filmmaking, but it was treated with absolute professionalism. Great to be a part of!

And the crazy thing, I was invited on board in the role of Assistant director. To be honest, apart from generally managing things, I spent most of the time watching the director and cameraman discuss and set-up shots. But I did direct a couple of scenes! lol And I loved it! :)

So all in all, a fantastic and stimulating weekend. And I met some really great people who all work in the Biz.

Current mood. Tired but Happy ;)


Alexander said...

That 3rd photo is a real - "I'm gonna pop a cap in YO ass" (or whatever it is,they say) photo.

Martin said...

I look well hard, dont I? lol

Im busy uploading it to all my online profiles. just to give myself that gangsta vibe lol If only they know I was a middle class boy from Harrogate who likes musicals ;_)