Friday, November 07, 2008

Modern working

One of the locations I have to find for the BBC Learning Zone programme is an ultra modern environment that one of the modern readings of the classic poems can be done in.

To that end I have been scouting around Leeds and come across Bridgewater Place, Leeds tallest (currently) building. A very new building, it was only occupied by its tenants in 2007.It is a very modern building with all sorts of futuristic touches about it. Within it live GHB Hair, Eversheds Lawyers, and Ernst & Young accountants, all of whom agreed to let me come in and photograph their places to maybe film there.

Visiting such a building and work places really shows how far the corporate environment has moved on since I worked in various 1970's concrete buildings working for the Government. The de

These offices are state-of-the-art, with modern thinking on open plan work spaces, and hot-desking driving the design of lay-out. Talking to people in Ernst & Young and Eversheds, all of who were very reluctant to start working open-plan and hot desking, they absolutely love it; and things like teamwork and communication have all improved.

Meeting rooms are mini works of art, and architectural flourishes are everywhere. All in all they all seem very cool places to work. So a lot of thought has gone into the design of these places, and it seems to be working. Either that, or its a lot of arty-farty nonsense! lol

1st: GHD Hair, 2nd: Ernst & Young, 3rd: Eversheds

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