Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rapture

I have a new job.

I was asked by a friend of mine, the fantastic Nigel Albermaniche, who I know through my film work in Yorkshire if I was interested in doing some scouting on a feature film being filmed in Essex.

It is a biblical, Da Vinci Code, End of Days sort of film and stars a load of great British actors including Danny Dyer, Gary & Martin Kemp, Billy Murray, and Danny John-Jules.

They didn't have anyone sepcifically looking after the locations, so various members of the crew were trying to sort things out, so no-one really knew where they were with the locations (including Trafalgar Square, 7 churches, and all sorts of interesting places).

Things seem to be going well so they have asked me to become Location Manager for the whole film! This really is a promotion for me, and gets me on a rather nice career arc. And as an added bonus, this film is the first of 4 FILMS so if all goes well, it seems I may be busy with The Rapture, and the following trilogy The Destiny for who knows how many more months.

The director is a fantastic bloke called William Steel (who also happens to be Sir David Steel, founder of the SDP party's son).

It sure is hard work, and I really have my work cut out, but I couldn't be working with a nicer and more dedicated team of people. So really, this is most certainly a turn up for the books. Wish me luck!