Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Wedding

What a fantastic day!

It was so great to see my friends all dressed up and in good form for Barrys wedding. I had a reading to do in the Chapel, so I chose Corinthians 1-13 from the Bible. Not for its religious connotations, but because it is a beautiful passage. Its the one about Love - "Faith, Hope, and Love. And the greatest of these is Love" :)

Lizzy looked stunning in her dress, and Barry and Stuey didnt half scrub up well lol Plus a good excuse for us all to get dressed up for once. And of course Lois had to get a new dress and hat for it ;)

And boy, did we get drunk later on! Photos in my Picasa photo album.

I haven't been so drunk for ages. I even went to bed fully clothed when I finally staggered in, and woke up a few hours later still wearing shirt and trousers! lol. So we've all been a bit delicate today. I've just got back from a quiet evening with them and everyone of us has a similar story!

So all in all, a very good day! Ladies and Gentlemen, please be up standing for Barry & Lizzy. The Bride and Groom!

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