Friday, November 28, 2008

Today I met Martin Kemp

And what a thoroughly nice bloke he seemed. Very professional, and great fun to watch. He is playing a shady character (of course), and it was great fun to watch him work.

I also met Billy Murray (who is a producer as well), and a very nice bloke called Ian Virgo who has been in alsorts of good stuff. He stayed at our crew house one night and bought us all Chinese. A sure fire way to make friends! lol

Filming in Central London tomorrow. Down Fleet Street. Hmmmm! lol. Wish me luck!

PS. Here is a couple more pics of the coin boys geek toys lol.


dragonfly said...

Billy Murray? From "The Groundhog day"??? Wow!!!!

Nick Vernon said...

Never mind that, Martin Kemp? Fantastic. If you photoshop another one of him on the other side of you, you could have met the Kray

Alexander said...

Martin Kemp, the guy who sells Sofas in the never ending 'closing down sale'