Monday, December 01, 2008

Southend airport don't like filmmakers

So I gather by the fact they are trying to charge us £250 per hour + VAT just to be on the airport premises. Even though we are actually going to be filming a private jet ( yum yum lol ;) ) and that lives on someone else's private property. We want to be there 2 days, so you do the maths!

But as the private hangar is in the Southend airport complex they are saying that we must be escorted at all times at the cost of £250 ph + VAT!!! Plus 50% extra if we run over 6pm. Bloody hell!!

The very nice people from Kudos Aviation are fighting our corner for us as well, so if we're lucky the price will come down a bit. Hope so, coz this could cost us too much. We're still a low budget indy flick.

Heavens save us from money hungry people!

PS. Tonight I am staying at Hanbury Manor . We film our helicopter landing scene tomorrow night. Its a hard life ;)


Kamanchi said...

Looks like you're having a blast mate. Pleased its all coming together for you! ;)

dragonfly said...

Hard life!!! Yeah! Don't give me that! :)))One of these days this helicopter will be your private vehicle...And I am going to tell everybody I know you!!!