Saturday, December 27, 2008

Its a wrap!

For now, anyways

I think there will be a few more days in January. The freerunning day got cancelled due to lack of sleep for the crew, and one of the actors pulling something and having to go to hospital.

But its been an amazing experience.Fantastic crew to work with, and as I have kept saying....what we have shot looks AMAZING!!! All cool camera angles in crispy high-def. Can't wait to see it finished.

Plus there will be the inevitable wrap party somewhere in London town. And that I dont want to miss!

We spent the final day in London filming in Trafalgar square with Chucky Venn and Danny Young, both of whom were great fun. Then we ended the day in a house on Cadogen Square in Chelsea - which was probably the most expensive house I have ever been in! lol And that was the end of that!

So fingers crossed that Destiny comes off and I am involved with it.

Cameras rolling! Sound speeding! And....ACTION!

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Nick Vernon said...

Great work there Wakeroooo!