Monday, December 22, 2008

Lab hunting

We filmed at JEOL UK in Welwyn Garden City this weekend. JEOL UK are makers of super powerful electron-microscopes, mass spectrometers, and other seriously high-end technical nick-nacks. They make microscopes 6 feet high costing £500K. Actually they make one in Japan that is 40 feet high and takes 2 years to build, but not in Welwyn Garden City! lol As a bit of a science geek I loved seeing these things in action.

We needed a genetics lab (2 in fact), and after a tip-off from a colleague I went to see the nice gents in WGC to let us film in their offices/showroom. Some of the room were kitted out full lab style and were perfect for us. Brilliantly they said yes! :)

Plus we were filming with Gary Kemp and Jamie Murray (who so seriously rocked in Dexter season 2 (fully recomended by yours truely)). A great location and cool weekend.

And Jamie Murray was totally gorgeous and thoroughly charming :)

PS. We wrapped tonight! More later!


Nick Vernon said...

Can't believe you met Jaime Pressley. She was fabulous in Hustle and foxy as heck. And even worse, you can't even fancy her!!! Life's just not fair.

Martin said...

Its Jamie Murray, my drunken friend lol. Ms Pressley is the bird from Mt Name Is Earl lol

But yeah, ya boo to you, she was well fit! lol. See I was more impressed with meeting Danny Dyer! lol ;)