Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top Blokes

Filming is still a crazy madhouse, but I am loving it.

Totally knackered but also riding the wave ok (so far!). My car has become the latest victim of this shoot. A small fender-bender turned into a write-off when an old man in a classic Bentley ran into the back of me and crushed my poor little Fiesta! I'm fine and dandy, but the car is an insurance write-off; the bunch of dirty, money grabbing bastards! Eh, Nick lol ;)

So I am now the proud owner of a maroon M reg Ford Mondeo lol. A bargain at £300. But I need a car with this job so not complaining.

We've filmed at some amazing places like the maze at Leeds Castle and Great Leighs racecourse, and I've met some great actors like Colin Salmon and Danny Dyer who both turned out to be great fun and very professional. Plus loads of other great actors as well.

So all is good. I should be back home on the 23rd. This would be fine if I didnt have to do nearly all my Christmas shopping then. But such is life. Beats working in an office even if my day is nowhere near ending today lol

But cant wait for a good chill-out and catch up on sleep.

Must. Sleep. Soon.

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