Sunday, December 07, 2008

Basildon Bond

In the end the wonderful people at Kudos Aviation pulled every string they could and got us into their private hangar for free! Gawd bless 'em!

It was a quality couple of days playing with private jets, "techno-cranes" (super zippy things that make the camera go places you wouldnt believe), and helicopters.

Saturday had us filming with the wonderful Stephen Berkoff, who was a legend and so cool to watch work. What we shot with him looks AMAZING!

Next off to Southend museum for more shenanigans! Lasers! Smoke! Rick Assessments! Cant wait lol

And yes, I look like a twat with that Astin, but it was such a lovely car!Its not my fault I don't photograph well! lol


dragonfly said...

Wow, nice car. So...when are you buying one? ;)Do you like fast cars in general? I do, but I still prefer solid jeeps.

Barry said...

Nice Car indeed.
Hope all is going well and you get finished for Christmas.
I'm missing your Golden Nuggets. (That's One Pound Coins for anyone who doesn't know)

Nick Vernon said...

That's a bit like the white estate car I used to have, only cheaper.