Sunday, January 24, 2010

East meets West

Just after the new year I went to Harrogate local rock bar, called The Blues Bar. My friend Simon has just turned 40, so in keeping with his mid-life crisis, has bought a Stratocaster guitar! lol which lets face it, is cheaper than either the sports car or teenage girlfriend! ;) Plus, his good lady Lois would have his balls on a plate if he got either of those lol

So he got guiter and guitar lessons from a local legend, and off we went to see this guy in action with his band. And yes, he is a boody genuis! A very, very talented guitar player.

But the really cool thing was, he had a dancer on the little stage with him. And she was a Belly Dancer! East meets West in sharp contrast. She looked amazing, and we both had a great night. I should go out more!

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