Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walker-Rutter Production Services

I have set up a production company with my good friend Pepper Rutter. We worked together a couple of years ago on a short film in Yorkshire which was called Forty Thousand Reasons. We clicked and kept in touch over the past couple of years.

Pepper used to run a company with her ex husband, but after their separation invited me to join her in re-branding of the company for 2010 onwards.

Pepper is a brilliant actress and singer, as well as producer extrodinaire! And between us, we have contacts in all aspects of the Industry, so can offer all services, from crew database, to headshots and agents for actors, upto producing any piece of media, from promos to feature films.

Its early days, of course. We've set up a website and email addresses for us, but we both feel that - sometimes you have to make your own luck! And this is our attempt to do that. We want to ultimately produce a film, and are already talking to some people about it. Big dreams, of course, but you never get anywhere unless you try!

So wish us luck, and watch this space!

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