Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Told you it was snowing!

The UK has been hit by a mini cold snap. In fact its been the worse snow and winter since 1983, then before that 1963.

Harrogate, my home town in Yorkshire had 8 inches of snow in one day and even made the national news! lol, and Harrogate only ever gets on the news for flower shows and policital conferences (it is a Conference town). Its snowed so much that kids have been making, not just snowmen, but igloos! lol And sledging down the hill in everything from plastic bags to washing baskets!

Thanks to milder winters, people have forgotten what proper snow feels like. But I am old enoough that I remember proper snows, and my parents taking me and my brother sledging in the Valley Gardens in town, our famous steep gardens, which turn into a wonderful sledge run due to the steepness of the slopes.

So I've been taking pictures for the past 3 weeks or so. So here you go.....snow! Now hurry up and bloody thaw! Im sick of it!!! lol ;)


Alexander said...

Wonderful. You've really captured that beautiful blueness of the snowscape. Really,I've been enjoying the snow and find myself dissapointed seeing it thaw now. Driving to work was a challenge of sorts each day. I was 'intentionally' going on the back roads that everyone was avoiding like the plague,to practice snow driving and getting the car back under control after swerve outs.

dragonfly said...

Winter is hard, but it's sooo beautiful. The world is so clean! ....Still, I have enough - in Poland it has been snowing for three weeks now and the temperature sometimes hits minus 15!

Martin said...

Thank goodness the thaw is now upon us!

I dont think I would be too happy with minus 15 Kasia! lol, although in the Highlands of Scotland we got down to minus 23!! A record for us! :)