Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work update

Basically, nothing much to report!!

I am still up in Yorkshire and am currently doing some temporary Market Research work to tide myself over. The film industry basically grinds to a halt in Winter. This is something that I need to get used to if I am to stay in this industry.

Most people work like crazy over the Summer months, then can take it easy or do temp work over the Winter months. So this could be a common occurance for me then.

I was involved with two projects that I was going to do for free, but this inconvenient requirement to earn money and pay bills meant that I wasnt able to see them all the way through; which was frankly gutting as I am not in the business of taking something on that I cant finish. But I was able to find the locations for both of them before I left London, but was not able to be there durnig the filming of them. They were The Tower (gritty urban TV pilot), and Breathe (a 3D sci-fi short). Reports of the filming were that both went really well! I look forward to reporting on both of them when they are finished!

I am also finally moving to London properly! Probably sometime in March, I hope! I am currently re-decorating my flat so I can rent it out, so come March off to London I go! Exciting stuff!

And hopefully my next film jobs will come up around then too. I have spoken to a couple of people about various projects, so if all goes according to plan - ROLL ON MARCH!! :D

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